PLEASE NOTE: Since plants are often sourced from the garden to order, sizes do vary a little, depending on how they come out of the ground, but I always endeavour to give a little more rather than less! They are sometimes shipped bare-rooted, but will approximate the size specified (e.g. a 9cm pot).

Viola 'Blackjack'
Viola 'Blackjack'
Limited supplies!
Type/Hardiness Herbaceous, Perennial, Annual, Hardy
Flowering period May-August
Height 9-12in/22-30cm
Light preference Full sun/part shade
Soil preference Any, well drained
Sowing time/depth Autumn, Spring, barely cover
This is probably a cross between Bowles' Black and a standard viola. Still, it is rich in colour and produces masses of small, midnight-blue flowers with yellow eyes. Very useful for front of border or in containers and hanging baskets. Cut back after first flush of flowering to encourage new shoots. Although strictly speaking a perennial, best grown as a half-hardy annual.Ther may be some variation in depth of colour, but the seeds have all been taken from plants with flowers as described above.
Sowing and/or growing instructions
Either sow direct in autumn or sow thinly in a pot of moist compost, covering with a fine layer of compost or vermiculite and storing in the fridge for three weeks, then move into a greenhouse at 58-65F (do not exclude light), potting on germinated seeds into individual pots of good quality, well drained compost. Acclimatise to outside conditions before planting out in final positions. Some sources suggest that a period of cold aids germination. If you wish to try this, place the sown pot in a plastic bag, seal and place in the fridge for a few weeks, then bring into warmth and proceed as above.
1 packet - 100 seeds approx. £1.85

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